Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What To Avoid? What to Eat?

Every person who comes across the primal/paleo lifestyle takes something different from it.

Some people view it as low carb.  Some view it as moderate carb with plenty of fruits and vegetables.  Some people like to include legumes and dairy.

What To Eat:
1) Grass fed beef that is not CAFO.
2) Wild seafood
3) Fruits and vegetables that are organic.  No Monsanto GMO
4) Pastured chicken and pork.  Not so easy to find.  The vegetarian chicken diet is probably grains and GMO soy and corn.  No thanks. 
5) Good fats such as Coconut, Avocado and Olive Oil
6) Bone Broth from Chicken, Fish or Beef
7) Fermented Vegetables
6) I do think that dairy can have a role but it should be raw and organic.  Dairy raises insulin and exists for the purpose of helping a baby grow.  Not exactly ideal if you're looking to lose weight.  Dairy also has a protein called casein that can be a gut irritant for a percentage of the population. 

What to avoid:
1) Wheat
2) Sugar
3) Vegetable Oils
4) Anything in a box
5) Pasteurized Dairy
6) Legumes (proteins act as anti-nutrients)
7) Trans-fats 
8) Soy

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